Adolescents & Families

My work with adolescents and families is influenced by 10 years working with wilderness therapy. I have been honored to join with hundreds of young people and their families to help examine unhelpful patterns in the family system and make courageous moves toward change.

For young people who are reasonably motivated in the process I can work one-one-one or in group counseling with occasional check-ins with family members. Except for unique circumstances, I ask that parents be involved in the process. I realize that the traditional office therapy session may not suit many adolescents. To keep teens engaged our work might involve walks outside, sharing favorite music or a round of Nerf basketball.

In other circumstances, especially when a young person is highly resistant to counseling, my primary work will be with the parents. I can offer support and coaching to help parents identify family priorities, uncover unhelpful dynamics and develop plans for change. I will always encourage that the adolescent be involved to the greatest extent possible.