Relationship Based

My work is deeply rooted in relationships. The first step in a successful counseling experience is to create a trusting and dynamic relationship between the therapist and the person(s) seeking support. We then use that foundation to explore the client's relationship with the people, places and institutions in daily life. I regularly check-in with my clients to assess the current comfort level in the relationship.

Client Centered

My clients initially come to counseling for a number of reasons. Once engaged in the process they often find themselves exploring new avenues, issues and challenges. Throughout the counseling experience we will regularly reexamine the original goals and intentions to ensure that we are still heading in that direction or see if everyone is comfortable with the new ones. I trust each person's intuitive sense about the type of therapeutic work they are currently capable and willing to pursue.

Social Work

As my original training was in social work, I bring to counseling the understanding that emotional challenges are not “all in our heads.” It is important to explore how our families, neighborhoods, social networks, institutions and society at large can contribute to the problems that bring us to counseling and also may contribute to the solutions.